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Perro Bravo!!!

Perro Bravo is a new band started by Michael “ Miguel “ Happoldt. Miguel  began his musical adventure as a member of the group “sublime”. He played with the group between 1991 and 1993 and produced and mixed the band’s first album “ 40. Oz. to Freedom “.
     Miguel and sublime founder Brad Nowell traveled to Costa Rica in 1993 and even played a show in Alajuela. By this time Miguel was not in the stage band but best friends with Nowell and his trusted producer. When the band returned to the States they recorded the bands 2nd album "Robbin’ the Hood" with Miguel at the helm again.
     After signing with a major label the band recorded its break through record “sublime “. The band enlisted several veteran producers but still Miguel was involved with every aspect of the music and even played the lead guitar on the international smash hit “ What I Got “. Miguel has since been called the “ un-official 4th member of sublime “ by the international press.
     After the passing of Nowell, Miguel formed the “Long Beach Dub Allstars” and produced the groups first album for Dreamworks. Around the same time Miguel released the first two records from a then unknown act named “Slightly Stoopid “ on his Long Beach based “ Skunk Records”. Miguel entered the studio with Slightly Stoopid again in 2002 and the results were the group being signed with a Warner Bros. affiliated label. Miguel continues to work with Slightly Stoopid to this day and was responsible for their most recent hit “ 2 am “ .
     A veteran of the stage and studio, the new band is more focused on grass roots approach to bringing music to the people and a d.i.y. ethic in the studio. The sound is similar to sublime and Slightly Stoopid but is also more guitar based.
    Rounding out the Perro Bravo line –up is the legendary drummer  Greg Lowther. Lowther was a founding member of the seminal long beach punk band “ Falling Idols “. Two of the other  members of Falling Idols, Randy Bradbury  and Dave Quackenbush , have continued to make a name for themselves in “Pennywise” and "The Vandals “.                 The third member of the group is Long Beach local Mike Long on bass. Mike splits his time between Perro Bravo and a Long Beach super group named “ Warchurch “. Warchurch features Marshall Goodman, also of Sublime, Opie Ortiz of the Long Beach Dub Allstars, and d.j. extrordinare Dj Greyboy of the “Greyboy Allstars “.

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